Image of Shop Owner Julia smiling and the Willow & Fable Shop logo 

Hi, I'm Julia, the owner of Willow & Fable!  I live in Central PA with my husband and son, Henry.  We love to attend Pop Culture Conventions and collect memorabilia. Giving Henry as many adventures and opportunities as possible is one of our biggest goals.  Being able to have an online business allows me the flexibility to change up what I'm doing and spend maximum time with him.

I've been selling costume and activewear online for many years, but I've had a big itch to get into daily wear clothing, too, because, well, I just love clothes!  Seeing the excitement women have when they find an outfit they love is one of the best feelings, and I do my best to create those feelings for you as often as possible!  

All of the ready-made items are warehoused in Utah and ship right out from there.  This minimizes mark-up and shipping costs for everyone!  Made-To-Order items are printed in the US and ship right to you from the print shop.  Everything is US sizes, which I know is a big concern with buying online nowadays, and there is lots of sizing information on each item to help you figure out what size would work best for you.  

If you need to get a hold of me, please email: WillowAndFable@gmail.com .

To make sure you know everything first, join my Facebook Group at Willow & Fable Boutique: Star Squad.